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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.


Our mission is to deliver ‘best in class’ haemodialysis treatment to local and overseas patients. We are innovative, professional and affordable, whilst delivering the highest standards of clinical care throughout the patient pathway.


We will continue to do our upmost best to provide a wonderful patient experience. Whether you are a Jamaican resident, holiday maker or returning home to visit family, our aim is to make your stay as stress free as possible. We can provide a subsidised pick up and drop off service from any location in Jamaica.

The Centre will operate from Monday to Friday providing 3 sessions per day. Out of hours service available subject to arrangement and availability.
06:00am 10:00am
11:00pm 15:00pm
16:00pm 20:00pm


This is when the blood is transferred from the body through a catheter placed in one of the large veins in the arm of a patient. This then passes through an artificial kidney within a dialysis machine also known as a kidney machine, where it is purified of excess waste and fluid before being returned. This type of dialysis would ideally require three sessions per week, each lasting for approximately four hours

Haemodialysis is not exactly painful, although there are some patients that have experienced some symptoms of nausea, dizziness or muscle cramps during dialysis due to the changes in your blood fluid levels. The main disadvantages of haemodialysis is having to fit these long sessions of treatment into your week, along with travelling time to and from the renal unit. Haemodialysis generally also restricts your ability to travel, hence you will need to arrange local haemodialysis at your destination. This is where Zierlich can assist in meeting your medical needs whilst in Jamaica.

Haemodialysis also places restrictions on your diet and fluid intake. To ensure you can maintain your optimum fluid balance and dietry best practises Zierlich can provide regular health awareness workshops and one to one sessions, helping you to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

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